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To some businesses, they're called customers. To others, subscribers. Readers. Clients. Consumers. To every business, they are the target audience.

Why keep in contact with them? To stimulate interest or purchase. To generate attention to your cause. To inform and update.

A reliable method of communication lies in email marketing. Benchmark makes this method a lot easier with our customizable templates, real-time reports to monitor email performance, and results.

Benchmark offers you ownership over your emails with over 400 customizable templates to design or edit and make your own. Monitor and gauge the success of your outgoing emails. Compare different versions against one another.

Starting at free, there are a variety of plans to accommodate your needs. Benchmark offers options to make it easier to reach out to your customers. Whether it is send based, list based, or high volume, we keep it simple and affordable.

It's not just an email marketing service. It's a way to grow, profit, and succeed. This is why we offer a plethora of learning materials at your disposal. Manuals, tutorials, webinars, articles. Read them at your convenience, use them when you can.

We respect your privacy and will not give your information to any third party.

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