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Create your Black Friday Promo Now!

Christmas and Chanukah are nearly here! Or, as our Starbucks cups will tell you, it’s the “holiday season.” It’s a time to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood and the joys of helping our fellow citizens.

It is also the time of year where many online brands manage to sell about half of their total offerings for the entire year, so it is overwhelmingly important to position your brand in the most lucrative situation possible in order to derive the maximum bottom line benefits.

Email marketers can count on Santa Claus bringing them big stacks of greenbacks under their Christmas trees (or Chanukah bushes) if they are able to craft a coherent, attractive and engaging holiday campaign strategy.

What you’ll need:

2. “Special Promotion” Email

3. “Has Opened vs. Has Not Opened” 

     Goal-Based Lists

Select the subscribers you want to send your holiday marketing campaign to.

Create an engaging email with a holiday promotion your subscribers won’t be able to resist.

Goal-Based Lists are lists used only to support the active automation. These lists help you organize the path for your subscribers based on their behavior on each automation and may be deleted or changed often. You will want a HolidaySeasonEmailOpens list and another that is HolidaySeasonEmailNoOpens.

‘Tis the Season

Automation Pro is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Let Automation Pro do your Black Friday marketing for you, while you relax and enjoy your preparations for the holidays.

1. Target List or Segment

CREATE YOUR HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN TODAY!Download our PDF that shows you how it’s done.

Since everyone loves to receive presents during the holiday season, try creating a promotion where your customers can add a few dollars to their checkout cart and you will match that extra. Then that sum will be deducted from the next customer to check out. You may be amazed at how the amounts start increasing!

Pay It Forward

This is the time of year when families get together in brilliantly decorated houses so have your customers show the world how wonderfully they celebrate this very special holiday season by posting videos of their families enjoying a wonderful dinner or opening the presents under the tree. Ensure that their privacy is safeguarded by not listing any personally identifiable information with the videos.

Promote Holiday Themed Customer Videos

There is nothing like the holidays to bring the spirit of goodwill towards all people to a more prominent position than the rest of the year. Celebrate this altruism by tying in your sales with a major charity. Have a considerable percentage of each sale be directly donated to the non-profit organization and have a “thermometer” on your main page showing the tally as it rises.

Show Your Goodwill Through Charity